Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sungai Sedim Tree Top Walk

I found out about this one in a random tourist pamphlet on the region. It's a 900andsomething meter walkway through the treetops around Sungai Sedim. It's a bit hard to find directions for it, so here's a map:

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Set your GPS to 5.413194,100.781021 and you'll find it. If you zoom in on the above map you can actually see parts of the platforms through the trees. I'm told there are camping areas throughout the park and it looks like other sorts of accommodation are available too. It's also a popular swimming spot as there were a large number of locals there.

It costs 1RM to park (more for a car) and 10RM to get on the walkway.

So on with the photos!

It's this stuff all the way along. This is only 5m up.

Walkway over the river.

The walkway itself. It moves about a little.

Looking up the river.

Looking over the edge. If only I had my tripod and ND filter...

The top of the rainforest!

More walkway.

Interesting tree.

Leaf macro. I've found my lens for some reason is focusing on things that are about 1cm in front of the lens.  The autofocus doesn't work this close, but I can manually focus it that close.

Droplet macro!

Another section over the river.

Oh, this is 26050mm off the ground!
The top and edge of the rainforest!

Looking downstream.

It's a little worrying to look down and see just water, 26000mm down, on a swaying bridge. 

This smelt like bubblegum flavour!

Another view across the river.

More rainforest!

In Taman Negara they treat the canopy walk like a ride, so you get rushed on through each section because it's only one person wide so it's really not worth it. This one however, is worth it. People can get by so you're not holding anyone up, you can see everything, and no one is rushing you through to the next tree.

On the way out two Malay girls (school age!) asked to have their photo taken with me. I said sure why not, I'm white, I'm going to be famous here! So now I'm probably on one of the muslim police watch lists. Or being made fun of on 4chan.

Tomorrows tasks: Caves, Menara Alor Setar, Sitting.

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