Sunday, 2 October 2011

Mangroves and Orangutans!

Today I'm in Taiping. Today I went to....

Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve

Just to the west of Taiping is (a bit of) the Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve, the brochures say it's the best managed mangrove forest in the world.

The mangroves!

Looking up

Oh... When I got there I found this instead of the boardwalk...  Down this path there are chalets to stay in too, but not right now obviously.

Looking downstream

The colour of the water, it's two colours! mixed! Or clear and a colour... or a hue, or a tint...

Looking upstream, still a bit smoggy up there.

Since the boardwalk being closed kinda ruined my mangrove plans, I headed to my next destination:

Orang Utan Island

Orang Utan Island is part of the Bukit Merah resort. There's also paintball, and a waterpark, and an ecopark, and accomodation, but I was just there for the orangutans. They rehabilitate sick or orphaned orangutans that have been abandoned in Borneo, get them all better, and then after years of this they take them back to live in their native forests again. When you get to the island they take you through a 100m cage where you can see the older orangutans, you're in the cage, not the orangutans. The oldest there was Mike, the 27 year old, he was quite lazy though and didn't want to come over and say hello. A few of the younger ones came over towards the cage but I didn't get any good photos because the fence obstructed too much. They then take you over to where the younger orangutans are learning to survive.

This is one of the two babies they had in a special area. 
I keep laughing at this photo! This was the next step after they leave the first area, learning basic survival skills like climbing and foraging.

This one was focused on the camera, wouldn't look at me.


 And that's it for today. I got rained on making my way back to the hotel, also saw a car that had run off the expressway (not surprised), police and ambulance there. All the accidents I've seen on the road have been in this part of the country... Tomorrow, Georgetown!

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