Wednesday, 12 October 2011

More sunset photos from Kuala Perlis

I went down to the jetty to check out what it looked like in proper daylight, saw this storm approaching slowly. I figured I had time to get to the shops to get some food. But I was wrong... On the way back I got quite damp. It didn't last for long though.

Oh yeah, this is where I am, and that's a horseshoe crab, although, I haven't seen anyone serving them. Or crabs really. Lots of fish, prawns a and squid.
PROTIP: If you don't like eating around bones, or chewing on them, or eating prawn shells and heads, start eating Sotong! Sotong is the generic name for Calimari, Squid and Cuttlefish (I think...). But no more picking bones shards out of what you're chewing, or bits of prawn shells from in between your teeth later.

Now for some sunset pics, out of order too:

Today I was on Lankawi Island, but it turns out it was one of the two days of the month that they shut down the cable car for maintenance. The entire reason I was over there was for the cable car and the sky walkway at the top. So now I either go again tomorrow, or forget it and head to Thailand. Staying and extra night here will cost a bit however. 

It wasn't a wasted trip however, I managed to find some new long pants that pack about 1/4 the size of my jeans, and much cooler in this weather while also keeping the mosquitoes off! And I also managed to get some duty free alcohol! A small 50ml bottle of Hennessy XO coniac for about $13AU, and a 200ml bottle of whiskey for $4AU. It's very very cheap, you can get 2L of gin for about $16. I could only bring back 1L to the mainland though, so I'll save my excess alcohol buying for the duty free shops at the Thai boarder :)

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