Monday, 10 October 2011

Kuala Perlis

Some photos from yesterday. I left Alor Setar at my usual 11am time and I started to head towards the coast for the ride up. It wasn't far at all.

The road along the coast, rice paddies on one side, the sea on the other.
Between the above photo and the next one I made this video! Virtual ride time!

An odd little park along the road.

Some of the clouds yesterday. Langkawi is on the left, Kuala Perlis on the right.

I was worried about accommodation in Kuala Perlis, I couldn't book anywhere online beforehand and the information I could find online was a bit lacking. I got there earlyish in case I had to go up to Kangar for a instead. The Lonely Planet guide has one paragraph on the town and only mentions one hotel (which I couldn't find). I knew there was one hotel in town that was decent on price and cleanliness, called T Hotel, they had a website and it's right across from the ferry terminal. It was on Agoda but I wasn't able to book for the dates I needed. The lonely planet guide mentioned Pens Hotel, but I couldn't find that. There only seemed to be one hotel on the street in the guide and it's far more expensive than what they've quoted.

So I gave up trying to find anywhere else and tried T hotel, and they had a room for 79RM a night with breakfast. Not bad. I was worried I'd have to go up to Kangar to find a room. So I've booked this one for 3 nights to plan my attack into Thailand and to visit Langkawi Island (tomorrow).

Kuala Perlis is apparently famous for the local version of the laksa. I tried it from one place and it was ok, but nothing special. I need to try somewhere else to see if it's better!

And then it was time for sunset...
Clouds over Langkawi

Rainy cloud coming towards me.

The sky!

Closer sky!

The Mosque on the waterfront. They were using it but it was still being built. And it wasn't offensively loud like others. 
Today I'm trying to find somewhere to book in Thailand. Then Tomorrow, it's off to Langkawi to waste my Malaysian Ringgits.

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