Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bye Georgetown (Penang, not Queensland)

Here are a couple of pics left over from Georgetown:
Looking from the old section up towards all the new fancy places.

Looking towards the docks at Butterworth. I had to step over a smelly  stream that came from the direction of the toilets to get down here.

Pondering spot.

Like everywhere else in Malaysia, parking is whatever... 
And some more parking stories here: It's nuts, people double and triple park people in. I've seen people stop on the edge of a very busy road in what is actually a lane, and I've seen it on both edges of a one way three lane road. When they do manage to get the cars off the road they end up in a way so that the only way to walk round is to jump into traffic. I saw two traffic police ticking one car for parking in a lane on a busy three way road, then they pack up get on their bikes and just as they are about to leave, another car stops right in front of them! They were in uniform, how do you miss that! They honked a few times but the car didn't move, I hope they wrote a ticket.


There wasn't a lot to take photos of in Georgetown. Well, there probably is, but I just didn't see anything I wanted to take a photo of. On the noeth west section of the island there are better beaches but getting near them is a problem. I didn't get round to the south west.

But I did a LOT of walking in Georgetown. Shortest day was 6km, longest was around 14km I think.

Food there is awesome! I only had one meal which was 'meh' because they didn't give me enough chilli! The Claypot Chicken Rice from Northam Beach Cafe was the best though. And the Nasi Goreng Padprik from next to Fort Cornwallis was the hottest thing I've eaten in Malaysia.

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