Thursday, 13 October 2011


So I went over to Langkawi again, another 2 hours of ferry trips for about $12AU (18RM each way). This time the chairlift was running so I could actually do the thing I wanted to. So it was a $13AU (40RM) taxi ride from one side of the island to the other.
The scaffolded eagle, next to the jetty 
 It's about 30km from the jetty to the cable car. I'm not sure how that all happened, they have one small town for shopping next to the jetty on one side of the island, then not much in the middle, and all the beaches and more expensive resorts and things to see on the other side of the island. Even the airport is on the other side. It also seems odd that given the distance between the main things to look at there is no real public transport. As soon as you get out of the airport there are Taxi drivers and people offering rental cars constantly. There is a taxi stand further out (next to KFC, if you're looking for it) which is where you're supposed to get a Taxi coupon for a fixed price to the destination, and then you are given a driver from those waiting in line. But I guess over the years the drivers got bored of waiting in line and started creeping closer and closer to the exit from the ferry until you have to fight through them to get out. It gets rather annoying, if you happen to be walking towards the ferry no one says anything, but when you turn around: "Taxi?" "Taxi?" "Rental car?" "Taxi?" "Motorbike?" "Taxi?".

Next to the Jetty is the Legenda Langkawi park. It's a theme park with all these odd statues through it.

The entrance, with a model of all the islands in the group. 

The beach next to the park. 

An odd statue... This one was giants fighting. I seem to recall that being a famous story, with one using the swordfish bill.

Parking, again it's whatever goes here, this time in motorbike spots. 

Or just the middle of the carpark...

Anyway, it was out to the cable car! At the bottom there is a little shopping area called Oriental village. Souvenirs, chocolate, alcohol and tobacco mostly. I did have the best Chicken Rendeng I've tried while wasting time for the clouds to go away. It was from the place on the right as you walk in.

The best toilets ever!
So then it was time for the cable car! Another 30RM to go up ($10AU), costs are starting to add up. I didn't get any pictures of the first little leg going up because the card in my camera was full, but here's where it starts:

From the top of the first section looking back down to Oriental village  and the coast. It's quite steep.

More islands, as seen from the top.

The curved walkway! covered in cloud.

The top!

The really really really old rock.

More cuved walkway!

I followed a little path down to here. It keeps going down to the base of the central support there.

Another view of the walkway.


Looking out over the coast again.

The view from inside the cable car before it heads down... It accelerates just as it's going over too.

Looking out over the drop off.

And back up towards the top.
So after that it was another $13AU taxi ride back to the ferry terminal.

I sampled this while there too! About $16AU for 50ml. Totally worth it.
And after another hour on the ferry back to Kuala Perlis, of course it was time to take more photos of the sunsets!
Yesterdays example. [this is now my background!]

This was the sunset from the day before.

The western digtial bus! They have a shop too.
And now it's time to get my free breakfast, pack up, and then deal with paperwork as I cross into Thailand!

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