Saturday, 29 October 2011

Back in Patong again

I'm back in Phuket again! I realised what a welcome break Khao Lak was from Patong once I got back here :)

Here's a few photos from Sunset at Khao Lak yesterday:
Your new background. You're welcome.

Smoothery watery time.

Sun is just about to disappear here!

Storm to the south.
On Phuket I detoured as much as I could from the main highway through the middle as I'd ridden it twice already, but my GPS kept directing back onto it. I did end up in some odd places however! Like a dirt road on the north side of the airport where I watched some planes take off. I didn't take any photos though because there were guards at the end of the road in a military looking uniform and I couldn't remember what the photography laws are here. I think military things are off limits, but I'm not sure if Phuket Airport would be classed as that. Australia is simple, from public land you can take photos of what you like, private land and public thoroughfares on private property are different however.

Hat Mai Khao
This is in front of one of the very expensive resorts on the island. There were security guards EVERYWHERE along the road next to it. I guess they get problems? Or is it just to create a sense of security? It was here, maybe it's the Marriot and the label on google maps is misplaced. Also looking at the map I didn't realise the runway spans almost the entire width of the island, this is where I got to.

The next exciting adventure of the day was my hotel booking! I booked into the cheapest-bestreviewed place on agoda for 450b/night (more than last time, still cheap for phuket) at a place about 30minutes walk from the main shopping and bar areas. When I get there however the lady at reception was saying there as a problem with my room, It was a new hotel so I was expecting something like, "we only have one room left, and it's not completely finished", I wouldn't care, it's cheap still! But she asked me to wait for the owner to turn up so I started unpacking everything from my bike while waiting.

When the owner arrived he had a long discussion with the receptionist and then told me that my room had a problem and that he would have to take me to a sister hotel to find a room. It was a lot closer to the busy area and that he would cover the difference in price. I thought that was fine! less walking for me! So I get in his car and, and on the way out of the street his hotel is on he says "how about these places? you want to check the room here?", but no, he offered the hotel near the middle of town first and now I want that one!  He takes me to the hotel he intended, but they had just filled up after he dropped off the last person there. So then he thinks, and heads even closer to the middle of town to another hotel. We go in and they have filled up, but they say to try across the road. So we go over to the PJ Mansion and they have some free rooms. We were shown a room, I say it's good, but then there's a discussion and we go to another room. It's a little smaller than the last one but it's fine for me so I say it's good too! I find out that he paid 800b/night for the room for me! Excellent! 350b/night upgrade!

We drove back to his hotel and I packed up my stuff. While I was there he showed me what the problem was. It was a leaking water system from the 4th floor which dripped into the rooms below. Nothing a bucket wouldn't solve...

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