Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Malaysia Map!

Here's everywhere I went in Malaysia over my 7 weeks there:
The map which you can look at in google earth yourself!
All peninsula states completed! I think. The northern part is the best, Kota Bharu and Alor Setar being my favorite cities. Kuala Perlis was great for sunsets. Cherating was great for just wandering the beach. Georgetown was great for food. And Cameron Highlands, of course, for tea.

And one leftover story from Ipoh that I forgot to post (I think):
I was walking to get some food at one of the large food court areas (also, some of the best food I've eaten too), when I saw a security guard unlocking three locks from his front disc brake. I asked why, cause it seemed like three was overkill, and he said it was because motorcycle theft is quite bad in that area. Immediately I thought about my bike, just parked there in an open garage, with only one lock on the disc.

But the guard who carries a shotgun around for his job, and works with his bike always in view, still has three locks on his bike in case someone tries to steal it. He has a gun, and three locks!

Well time to go check on my bike...

Actually I haven't been too worried about bike security here, but it's still locked all the time, but not three locks. It's foreign registered, and sticks out compared to all the other bikes in Malaysia. I gather the Tourist Police are a little more harsh with locals who mess with foreigners.

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