Thursday, 9 February 2012

Waterfalls back to Chiang mai

Yesterday I packed up and left Mae Chaem and headed back to Chiang Mai to see if I could get some parts for my bike (I cant..). On the way I stopped at a few waterfalls.

First waterfall was the famous Wachirathan (or Vachirathan) Falls.

A small part of the falls.

The river running away.

A rainbow.

And this is it! The full falls!
 There were lots of locals passing through here, but it wasn't that busy. I sat at the cafe and had a coffee.

This was my coffee! Very good, from a local hill tribe.
Next was Mae Klang Falls. When I got there however I was confronted with this scene:
Oh no... 
But it was very quiet. I don't know where all the people are but they weren't at the falls, or in the restaurants.

Some of the river.

The falls!

A bin near the falls... I didn't have any of a garbage to throw out :(
There were lots of restaurants along the river, you could eat slightly above the water if you wanted to.

I had pad see ew from this place (but it was pad see moo on the menu, and moo is pork) and it was the bested pad see ew ever! With the addition of fish sauce, chilli and lemon of course.

Thats the kind of thing I had my lunch in

I could have eaten down there I guess.
Also since I'm now an awesome video editor I put together video of all the waterfalls I visited around Doi Inthanon:

 Then I arrived in Chiang Mai and dropped in to one place which I thought might be able to get a Chain and sprockets for my bike, but they can't because they don't have the DR650 in Thailand. I may have to order them somehow, or just get it posted from the US. I can't wait around in Chiang Mai for them anyway so I have to go to Bangkok to try and find them.

Then after all my riding and waterfalls I ate pizza:

And here's a video I just got to upload of me riding along a little dirt track:

Tomorrow it's off to see Elephants! Today is washing day though, I realised they haven't been washed since I got into Thailand.

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