Thursday, 2 February 2012

Chiang Mai to Pai!

Yesterday I traveled from Chiang Mai to Pai along the 1095, or part of the famous Mae Hong Son loop. I'll do the rest of the loop over this week and then head back to Chiang Mai to get a new chain and sprockets. And then Cambodia.

So after buying this new camera, I've been experimenting with taking photos, but I don't have too many keepers to show for it. I've loaded on the Magic Lantern firmware which adds a whole bunch of other functions to the camera and I've spend a lot of time playing with that too. I'm really liking the live view for manual focusing.

Here are some examples:
Tha Pla gate. Over the moat on the eastern side. There are a lot of hotels in this area.

The Moat.

Tuk Tuk. That guy in the middle of the photo spotted me and would call out "Tuk tuk?" as I went past.

Playing with night time photos.

ISO6400! I didn't have that before, it is quite noisy though.

Where I had lunch the other day.

A lamp... (see, told you I was playing with photos)

Red Curry Fried Rice

The tan line that has developed on my arm because there is a gap between my jacket and gloves.  I tried putting sunscreen on it back in Australia but the jacket just rubs it off.
Then it was time to stop messing about and head to Pai.
After a somewhat suggestive breakfast from Riders Corner in Chiang Mai.

A look out along the 1095.
I took a look at the Pong Duet Hot springs along the way. There was a 200baht entry fee for Foreigners, I think that's more than other national parks in the south.

The Geyser
And now, because the new camera does video you can enjoy the badly edited shakycam of the geyser!

A little stream running though the park
Then I arrived in Pai. It looks like it's trying to be a more upscale Vang Vieng... It even has tubing down the river (not sure if there are bars along it).

Sun Disappearing.

Down the road from the guesthouse I'm staying in. 

Lots of guesthouses in this area.

Coconut curry and brown rice. And beer.

The night markets along one of the main roads.

More markets.

Night time view from the guest house balcony over Pai.

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