Thursday, 23 February 2012

Angkor Thom Victory Gate to Banteay Kdei

A day at Angkor Wat, a day in Angkor Thom, then a rest day, then a day covering Angkor Thom Victory Gate to Banteay Kdei. Only it's never been a full day each time, 5-6 hours each time I go out. So after this days temple hopping I would have covered what is on the maps as the short loop (it's in red) and that is usually covered in one day. I'm not sure how.

To start!:

Angkor Thom Victory Gate

Similar to the other gate I've seen of Angkor Thom, less restored though.

See, way less restored.
Then a short trip from there to...

Chau Say Thevoda
The temple. A few buildings actually.

More stacks!

The central temple, with raised walkway

More restorations. There are a lot of new pieces in this building.


Bits of broken naga, waiting to be restored.

The more biggerer view.
Then wander across the road to...


The eastern side.

A doorway on the north.

The full temple view from the south western side.
As usual, touts crawling all over here. No I don't want a coconut, cold or otherwise.

Then a short little trip to...

Ta Keo

The southern side where the tuktuks park. The main way in is on the east though.

Little stone stack near the wall. Different types of blocks used here.

Neatly organised ruins... Ready for restoration?

The steps up to the top. Poor legs.

The top tier. 

Looking down from the top.
One of the towers on the top.

Sign gave up and melted.

Up the stairs to the central tower. People still pray here.

Lookin out over the forest. Oh, and that other tower.
Then it was time for another short trip to...

Ta Phrom

Apprently this was left largely unrestored for a while but there is a lot of work going on here now. I assume any guidebook that refers to it as being unrestored will soon be out of date. This one was also used in the movie Tomb Raider, and is one of the very popular stops for tour groups. I tried to stay off the main tour group paths, but it's hard because a lot of it has been closed off for work.

Tree growing over the northern wall just near the west entrance.

The west entrance.


Tree growing out of this one.

Another tree on wall.

Some of the carvings.

Tree growing through the wall.

Big tree.

More treewall. With a platform for people to stand on and take photos.

No going through here.


Collapsed!.. But just around the corner....

This... So it's very different to how it was found. now.

Part of the closed off work area. There was a crane lifing bricks into place.

More carvings, on the eastern wall.

Tree growing through the eastern walkway into the temple.

The famous tree! I think this is it anyway. All the tour groups pass through here so it took about fifteen minutes to get through this narrow part...

See, this narrow part.

Interesting carving over the door. Some naga heads on peoples. All the others were the usual carvings.

Can't go here.

More rubble!

Here's a bit that's just part of the path now, people just walking over it.

More treebuilding(tm).

Another part of the outer wall. And the two kids that were kicking a ball into each other, then saw me, and tried to sell some stuff for $1.
I'm not sure if I got to all the famous bits. My photos don't look like the famous doorway photos from others, that may be in one of the closed off sections now. It's big here. I've still got three days left on my seven day ticket, might be good to go and have a look in the dark. Maybe get some star photos...

After this one it was off to see...

Banteay Kdei

This is a smaller temple, quieter than the others because a lot of the tour groups bypass it.

The west entrance.

Guarding this place.

Another Treebuilding(tm)

Yep. Waiting for me to get closer to offer me one two three four five six seven eight nine ten postcards one dollar.

Southern bit...

A spider!

Window to a little carving.

evil face.

I saw one of these in Phanom Rung which I haven't seen anywhere else. First time I've noticed it here in Angkor.

More carvings.


YES, THIS IS SINHA. (or singa, now I don't know the proper word)
And that's it for that day. I had another rest day afterwards and then headed out again today to see the rest of the grand tour loop.


  1. Golden Orb Weaver! Stoney's Creek is crawling with the buggers..

  2. Yeah, everyone who went past told me to watch out for the spider... I said "Ma'am, I'm from Australia."