Friday, 10 February 2012


Yesterday I was going to do a loop around in the hills. But when reviewing the map I saw that one of the elephant camps was on the way and they had a show on at 1:30 which I could get to. So I went!

The one I went to was the Mae Sa Elephant Camp.

I wonder how often that gets confused...
As you go across the bridge to this place there is an area where you can feed the elephants that will be in the elephant show later.

Here's an elephant! 
I was taking photos near them when I saw one of the bigger elephants grab the chain on a smaller elephants foot and then try to drag it away, they made loud grunting and trumpeting noises for a little bit.

This is a list of all the elephants they have there.

Elephant and his trainer/owner/whatever. Each elephant has one.

Big elephant used on the elephant rides, with a small snack.

Male elephant... This one had his tusks cut, and so did the one above actually.

This elephant got grumpy when someone was near, it was quite loud...

Miniture elephant!
Most of the elephants were in the feeding area waiting for the show, but they all came from the direction that the little one did. So the trainer would get the elephant to sneak up behind people who weren't paying attention and tap them on the shoulder with their trunk. There was much surprised screams. The elephants would shake their heads and hold their mouth open when they did something like this, looked like the elephant was laughing, but I guess they were trained to do that.

All eager to get the banana.

The one with the mouth open just tapped the kid on the head. The kid started crying and the elephant looked amused. I think they're mean...

Little elephant chewing on the log. 

Half the elephants!

Bath time!

ELEPHANT MASSACRE! Also in the background you can see people standing with baskets. Their job is to collect up all the poop that's flowing down the river.

The one on the right kept kicking the left one in the head! Gently though, elephants don't move too quick. Although they did run when they had food.


This was in the show later on, they took the trainers hats off, and then put them back. 

Playing soccer.

Painting. In the background you can see the trainer holding the ear, this might be how it works... When they were painting they became completely still and concentrated on the paint, or their ear...


Shows over, give us more food.

This was right near the Mae Sa falls, so after the show I headed down to have a look.

Falls level 5.

The same, but all HDR'ed and tonemapped.
It was really hot at this point, and I was broken because I had all my motorbike gear. I didn't get to any of the other falls levels because there were steep stairs.

Today... Sukhothai to see ruins!

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