Friday, 20 January 2012

Split toning

Nothing to do with my travels, except for the content of the photos. I woke up this morning and saw it was raining. Having not really ridden my bike for about three weeks I decided it's probably best to wait a day for dry roads rather than risk it out there in the wet with Thai traffic. So I decided to play around with some photos.

I've just learnt what split toning is after seeing it used in a couple of other photos. The basic idea is that in black and white photos you can give the blacker parts (shadows) a tint of one colour , and then white parts (highlights) another colour. It also works with colour photos and revives some otherwise boring photos. I found a plugin for Bibble that does it nicely (Fattoni) which pairs nicely with the film simulation plugin (Andrea).

Here's a black and white example that I didn't like in colour. I tinted it yellow in in the highlights, and purpleish in the shadows. The flag turns out green for some reason, perhaps I should have used red.

A colour example of some tuktuks outside the hospital. I've gone for yellow in the highlights and blueish in the shadows, also tried to highlight the shiny parts but  that didn't work so well
The food stalls across the road from the hospital. I think it was yellow and purple in this one. The yellow gives it that Asian travel show look, I wonder if it's racism.
Finally got a photo of an overloaded truck. There are a lot like this in the east of Thailand  (with green and blue).
And that is Split Toning. Together with HDR's and Panoramas, I've learnt a lot by spending at least three of the past five weeks being sick/lazy.

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