Sunday, 15 January 2012

Back in Laos

Nothing new to report. I got my bike serviced for cheap (200000kip=~$24AU). Cheap, but might cause problems later as I watched the guy tighten up the sump bolt almost having to place his foot on the bike to get enough leverage. That will probably never come out again, but you get what you pay for. I did get a cleaned air filter, new oil, and a clean bike out of it. The chain needs replacing but that can wait until Chang Mai where I can source parts.

I also received my Thai visa good for two entries. This means my next step is to take this path before shipping over to Nepal:

But first, I'll keep lying down here in Vientiane (which I'm getting pretty bored with) until this new cold goes away. I thought of crossing over the border to Nang Khai to waste time there while sick, but it's slightly more expensive than here and far less food options, and that eats into my visa days. Plus the bread here is awesome.

While I've been doing nothing I worked out this:

  • Away for 7 months. 109 of those days were riding.
  • Travelled 17884km by bike
  • Taken 5 flights
  • Visited 6 countries
  • Crossed 8 borders
  • Used 1028L of petrol at an average of 17.3km/L
  • Spent 72c per km travelled
I've also walked enough that I no longer need the blood pressure medication I was on. I haven't had it since before I went to Vietnam but now that I'm back it seems to be in the normal range. that's a saving of $40AU/month! But that $40 can go towards some new shoes, I've already worn out the pair I bought in Malaysia.

Here's where I've been in the 6 months I've been in this region:

If I can be bothered I'll go back through my videos from Laos and edit them. And here are the only two photos that I've taken since I've been back:

Brand new Lao Airlines A320. It was mostly empty, so it might only last as long as the Singapore route did when it was announced (2 weeks).

Finally decent pizza! From the Swedish pizza and bake house in Vientiane. It's moved from where all the guidebooks and maps tell you, it's now a block closer to where the night markets are.

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