Sunday, 22 January 2012

Nong Khai to Loei!

I'm in Loei! I'm not sure how you say it, I think it's something like Lourgh, without the gh. So I rode along the Mekong for 200km, then south for 50km to Loei along some very nice roads. Compared to Loas there's some real money in roads here. It was very very odd when I could hit 100km/h. Nice hilly roads next to the river with little traffic. Only took a few photos.

Sunset at Nong Khai last night.

More sunset.

Kaeng Khut Khu. Apparently this is a big attraction, some rapids on the Mekong... It was kinda boring. But all along the Mekong before then was mostly rocks which I thought was more interesting than this bit, but I didn't get any photos.

And now for some reprocessed photos:
More split tone madness! From Smalleys Beach in Queensland.

More split tone madness!

The background from this blog, all split toned!

Tomorrow, Uttaradit! (maybe, I can't find a lot of info on places to stay)

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