Friday, 20 January 2012

Now I'm in Thailand!

I'm still sick. But yesterday I felt like I could get on the bike again, so I did and traveled the 25km to Thailand. I'm staying in the same place I was in before because I couldn't be bothered looking for anywhere else.

So aside from the cold that's still hanging on, my blood pressure shot up again. Stupid human body. Maybe it's something I ate, or something in the water...

So here are some more time-lapses I processed while lying down:

This one is a part of the vang vieng loop. Watch for really unimpressive riding through the mud (i have road tyres), the kid running on to the road, and the cows.

Second part of the loop back towards vang vieng.

Plain of Jars site 3 all the way back to Phonsavan.

The crossing from Laos was a bit interesting this time. Customs took about an hour to find the stamp (last time they were on lunch), but they didn't say anything about my bike being in the country for about 45 days. It was rather straight forward otherwise. On the Thai side they hit me up for a 200baht fee when entering, and I've no idea what that was for. The guy said two, and I thought that was the window I had to go to (it's hard to hear them) and I walked away, he opened his window and called be back and said 200 baht again, I asked why, but he just mumbled something. First time I had to pay that, along with the 1000baht for the visa.

In the meantime I bought this in duty free to make it all better:

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