Friday, 18 November 2011

More photos from Ban Krut

I actually stayed another night, how rare that I'd do something like that... I got up the next morning and found that the next place I'd planned to visit was only 40km away, so I figured I'd spend a bit more time trying to find somewhere and get a 200-300km day out of the way so I can try get past Bangkok the next day.

I'm still not sure where I'm going tonight, probably Hua Hin, but it's a big resort town and might be filled with locals escaping the floods. There's always the national park nearby that I can camp at. The humidity here has dropped from the 80's to 20%ish, makes it feel a lot cooler so camping can be an option!

The closest I got to sunrise yesterday. It was really red from the haze, but I was 10 minutes to late :(

The very quiet beach at 6:30am.

The coconut trees get an odd blueish colour to them at sunset.

Post sunset colours

Another palm tree, GTA Vice City style.
Now it's time to get packing...

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