Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A few photos from Chumphon

I've been lazy with the SLR lately. Finally broke it out yesterday and went for a wander with the 50mm lens only.
Day time on the night market street, some stalls are setting up already

Night time on the night market street

Some stalls. It goes on like this for 500 meters, and there's a couple of side streets with more.

Some locals trying out their new sound system.

Shadow puppets for an audience of two.
That is all. Today I'm heading to another guest house in Ban Krut 140km north. Hopefully it's not full.

I also found out that the large number of westerners waiting downstairs in this guesthouse were waiting for the bus to the port for Ko Samui. There's another place called Farang Bar here and it was deserted when I went past.

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