Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ban Krut

Nothing much to report on the road. Trucks everywhere, trucks overtaking trucks at 70-80ish, cars doing 150ish, the road in various states of repair, you know, the usual.

This is a nice spot, not too busy, but a fair share of western, chinese and thai tourists. This place is 430-ish-km from Bangkok, so it's a drive for them if they want to come this far. There is a train station and buses, but I guess a lot of people just don't stop. The Burmese border is only 14km away, maybe I should visit it!

I ended up staying at the place I linked earlier, Siripong Guesthouse, very cheap at 250baht/night. But the usual hard bed, and asian style squat toilet in this room. It's right near the beach though. There's a couple of long term (>6 months) residents here, one of them even grabbed keys for the rooms and showed me around, very helpful! There's a couple of americans here too that I saw down at JJ's (BEST BURGERS EVER), had a long chat and then we met up again down at the special Thursday market (2pm to 6pm, odd hours?) to sample some of the random foods. The chicken there was the best awesome chicken ever, along with the random dumpling things, and fried bananas.

This here is Survivor country!

The view across from JJ's.
Sunset tonight. Eastern facing beach, maybe I'll get up for sunrise, probably not though.

Your new desktop background, you're welcome.
Tomorrow it's off to Maggies in Prachuap Khiri Khan, or maybe I'll stay here for another night...

Some quick stats now that I have the data off the GPS:
Days away: 154
Litres of Petrol: 849
KM travelled: 14867
Longest day: 602km (queensland coast somewhere)
L/100km: 5.71
mpg: 49
$/km: 0.99

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