Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Kanchanaburi leftovers

So now that's two bodies I've seen in a month. Many years with the count at zero and it jumps up to two in a month. This one was on the way back from Hellfire cutting, another scooter accident, with another local not moving on the ground near it.

Anyway, back to Kanchanaburi. I visited the "Death Railway" museum and had a look around. It had a lot of info in it and looked like they actually did research from there. Lots of stuff about the POW camps and how some of the locals helped get them supplies., They mentioned the non-POW workers too, there were around 6000 dead from Australia and England but there were also about 90000 who were not POW's.

The cemetery across the road from the Museum.
After that I headed to the "JEATH" museum. And it was.... Different. Lots of stuff on display and not just War stuff, but everything. There was a room for Miss Thailand with paintings of them over one wall, and various examples of cloth. There were statues of Hitler, Mussolini etc with lots of text beside each one. Lots of old Japanese vehicles and weapons from the war. Large rooms for watches, stamps and currency. Various gemstones on display. And in another building I think it was the brief history of Thailand over 4 floors but people had thrown money into the displays here, not sure why. Then in another part I stumbled into an area that was devoted to the red shirts and had lots of news articles of it all on the wall.


Some odd paintings on the wall...

Very very strange place. Then as I was walking out I almost tripped over an Iguana. Oh.. And that brief moment of panic when I saw a Cheetah in front of me. It was being loaded back onto a bus but I don't think it wanted to be there.

There was access to the roof in one of the buildings so I got up and looked around.
Looking south.

The JEATH museum was right near the bridge so I waited round that area because I knew a train would be coming along between 5 and 6. I wanted to try get on the bridge while it was crossing. But I was just a little bit too late..

They wouldn't let me on :(
Next up, heaps of photos of Ayutthaya and the floods. I'll put that in a separate post because there are a lot of photos!

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