Sunday, 10 July 2011

Home Hill to Cairns

Two short days! Home Hill to Townsville was nothing special. The V8's are on so I cleverly avoided that part of town entirely, much like everyone else. Bought some camping supplies for the night and dropped in to visit Erin and Daisy (her new puppy) on my way though. I left later than I had intended and then got to Jourama Falls an hour before sunset where I quickly set up camp. My camp site was situated not so cleverly downwind of the toilets and next to a camp with two young kids in it who refused to go to sleep.

Next morning I got up to take photos of the falls and jump around on the rocks, photos below... Then it was packing up and heading north for the last day of riding for a week! All the hills still look bare from the cyclone. Cardwell looks very different without the huge trees along the beach and Mission Beach is still there and working as normal (now with a giant woolworths I notice).

And now I have arrived in Cairns to stay with Heidi and her housemate Cheryl. For the next week I'll be planning my trip accross to Darwin, getting my vaccines topped up and drinking my three bottles of Bundaberg Rum Royal Liqueur (which should be arriving any minute now)!

Alligator Creek, just south of Townsville

My campsite at Jourama Falls

Jourama Falls
Climbed down onto the rocks to get this one, almost couldn't get back out :D
Infrared photo, for something different!
Cardwell. All the trees on the left used to block any view of the beach and islands. 
The big gumboot in Tully! There are stairs inside too!
The Big Cassowary (still haven't seen a real one)
Bingil Bay
Free tea and biscuits! They're just giving this stuff away on the side of the road!

Extreme water crossing!:

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  1. Great piccies! Your tent looks a bit like my tiny little annoying piece of expensive kathmandu crap... I'll assume it's not though. It's a bollocks-shrinking 7 degrees down here and the sky is always leaking so I'm a bit jealous of you and Cairns and rum.