Monday, 18 July 2011

Cairns Coffee and Pies!

The top 4 coffees in Cairns as voted by me, are:
  1. Caffiend - It was almost like coffee syrup, that's the way it should be! The scrambled eggs were quite awesome, which is why Industry One is second. I should go back...
  2. Industry One - They roast their own beans here and it gives a very different taste, very smokey! I bought beans to take with me!
  3. Bang - The one that seemed to start all this in cairns, from what I'm told.
  4. Silk Caffe - Good, but lacking something...

Now to pies... I sampled many pies at Meldrums Pies in Paradise. Including the Steak Bacon and Cheese, Steak Kidney and Bacon, and the Caribbean Chicken (or "Crack Pie"). All good... But unfortunately none of them topped the Steak Bacon and Cheese pie from Queen of tarts. Or the Sausage Rolls. Meldrums may have all the awards, but Queen of Tarts makes a tasty pie. If I'm going to order the pies I've had on this trip it would be:
  1. Queen of Tarts - Steak Bacon and Cheese
  2. Big Mama's in Mt Larcom - Steak Kabana and Cheese
  3. Meldrums Pies in Paradise - Steak Kidney and Bacon

The dishonor list:
  1. Roundabout Bakery in West Wyalong - Complete failure pie. Not even worth stopping. Keep driving. Add this to your GPS to make sure you avoid it. (Am I going overboard?)


  1. I'll be sure to check out your pie recommendation at some point!

  2. sounds like your haveing fun ;-)
    time is no longer something that rules your life
    The pies sound so good..