Monday, 18 July 2011

Cairns (mostly in pictures)

Been here for 9 days now, delayed my departure (hey that's becoming a theme...) to rethink my packing. Leaving tomorrow! I swear!

Lots of things have happened. I drank a lot of local coffee (which is very good now, considering it used to be the local crop). I ate lots of pie - pie scoring comes later. I caught up with a lot of people, but not everyone. Found out everyone knows each other, even more so than what I thought before. Discovered a familiar last name in the museum. Drove a car for the first time in 15 months. Found it odd to hear everyone saying it was cold at 19 degrees. Performed some minor bike maintenance. Had a birthday including drinking and an impromptu hallway rave. Won nothing on my birthday Gold Lotto. Went to Mosman to visit my Grandparents briefly. And also attended Steak Friday after having many many many thousands of emails on the subject all with attached monkey pictures.

Thanks to Heidi for letting me stay, and Cheryl for cleaning up after me!

Now for the photos!
Henry Ross Lookout, on the Kuranda Range Road. Used to live thataway--> 
My bike has friends! Big group of riders coming from Darwin to Cairns as a tour.

I used to live there!

Most weekdays were spent with this view. This particular one is from Silk Caffe.

I almost fell off the edge of the hill getting this one, probably best to stick to the designated trails...

Freshwater lookout, I think... Just near Copperlode Dam

New chain and sprockets time!

TIL that C45 and C49 are steel types. I thought it was the tooth count.

That's worn more than I thought it had.

Centenary Lakes

Port Douglas
Cairns! (swapped this one in cause the other was blurry!)

And one bonus video:

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  1. ok, all my well wishes and support are slowly congestnig into a ball of jealousy and spite.

    naaah! jokes mate! Glad your having such an awesome time :D