Wednesday 10 October 2012

More around Crispenhofen, Trier, and Luxembourg

Here's a couple more photos from places Guenter and family took me around Crispenhofen.

Schöntal Abbey

The stairs inside one of the buildings there.

A holy water source on a hill near the abbey

The church next to the water source.

Looking over Ingelfingen, towards Kunzelsau

An old headstone used as a retaining wall now.

Grapes grown on this hills. Lots of different types, I think this was a Pinot Meunier, although it had the German name on the small sign with the owners name.
 After staying with Guenter for so long it was time to pack up and head west. I left on a very cold morning and headed towards Trier, Germany's oldest town. I hadn't really intended to look at much of the sites but I found a hotel right in the centre with secure parking and for only 49 euros (yes, that's cheap now...).

The Porta Negra, the oldest still standing Roman gate. And like all things I've seen, covered in scaffolding.

The cathedral of Trier


Inside the smaller building next to it.

Some of the buildings lining the streets, see if you can spot the McDonalds!
 After my brief stop in Trier I headed into Luxembourg.

Riding through forests like this...

Schiessentümpel Müllerthal

Badly stitched panorama from the other side.
I headed to Diekirch to wander around the war museum there. It had lots and lots of items from the war on display, mostly american. There was a section of vehicles and larger weapons, lots of old guns and ammunition, many uniforms. I also learnt about the V-3.

Vianden Castle

Inside the castle

More of inside.
Then since it was getting later in the afternoon I headed towards a small little village that was supposed to be a popular one for motorbikes.

The roads were good. But I found this on one corner. Nails and screws across the road.

Esch-sur-Sûre. I stayed at Hotel de la Sûre which had a big garage for motorbikes. And for only 30 euros a night! (I know, 'only')

An old tower in the town, and another on the hill. Which is what I walked up to to take the previous photo of.

Yesterday I rode through the rest of Luxembourg (not far) into Belgium along the terrible motorways and roadworks, and then out into France to Dunkirk where it's a bit cheaper to stay than Calais. Today I'm taking the Chunnel to where English is the main language and full English breakfasts are standard! But to find a cheaper place to stay...

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