Thursday 14 February 2013

It [has] been a while...

Been a while since I updated this. So the updates:

  • The map and summary are in the last post.
  • I have cool new job working at BSkyB now (for a third party).
  • I live in London now, sort of, I think I'm far enough out again that it's 'not quite London' according to some people.
  • Motorbike is still in storage, not sure what to do now. Going through the import process will be expensive, sending it home will be expensive. I will reunite with it in a month when I get a van to bring it to London (it's not insured or safe to ride anymore really).
  • Lost 6 months worth of photos and video at one point, got it back using the techniques described in my second most popular blog post
  • The most popular blog post continues to be How to get your indian visa in Kathmandu averaging about 50 hits a week.
  • Oddly popular is the Kota Gelanggi Caves post, I guess there still isn't that much info out there about it. Stumbled on that one accidentally.
  • Learned very quickly that you don't tell people in the UK that you took fifteen months off to travel halfway round the work on a motorbike, they'll hate you for it.
  • Finally got a computer that I can process videos on instead of my dying laptop which struggled with the task

So with the new computer I present new edited videos...

This one is unedited and straight from the gopro. It's the trip back down from Lete after I got altitude sickness and decided not to go further up into the mountains:

Overtaking craziness outside of Allahabad:

Entering Delhi shenanigans:

Leaving Delhi:

And the crazy insane one, leaving Allahabad:

So over the next few months I'll be going over the 20000 photos I've taken and the 300GB of gopro footage to edit together more photos and videos, I'll post them up here too. Eventually.

It's very tempting to sign up to the Mongol Rally for 2014. Especially after watching the Dakar this year. There are no plans for more crazy holidays just yet (South America, I'm looking at you)...