Friday 2 August 2013

Minor updates

Made a few adjustments to the layout to fix the non-working latitude box on the right. I also removed the Facebook photo feed since it has mostly become pictures of what I've been eating in London.

For more adventures, check out these people who are currently touring the world (still):
I met up with them a week ago while they were in London finally. I was following them around the planet for a long time. They will be heading over to South America soon to keep travelling from there.

That sad mostly-made-of-welded-bits Vespa has made it back to Australia:

These two are on their way West, currently in Central Asia:

Anyone else I'm not really aware of...

I'm STILL going back through my photos and videos and editing them. Here's a proper JPEG version of my GPS tracks that I'm going to get printed out at A3 or larger:

And a couple more videos I put together:

If you own a GoPro you'll end up with a lot of video recording that start like this...

I put all the photos from this blog into one really fast video. Quicker slideshow for those with short attention spans.

For now though, it is keeping distracted with beer and Xbox while planning my next little adventure. which will be on an A380 to Australia...