Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Servicing Day!

I got the sprockets sent to me in Thailand but I haven't had time to put them on yet. Stupid to get them sent in from Australia because they are made in Bangkok. For future reference JT sprockets for big foreign bikes can be bought from Link Associates. They also sell chains made by JT as well but I hadn't heard of a JT chain before. They're a lot cheaper than the Japanese chains so maybe we'll start seeing them around the place. I got an EK chain from Red Baron, they also had RK. Note that Link Associates respond slowly to emails (hence me getting them sent from Australia) and Red Baron might as well not have email, it's better to go in person and most of them speak English anyway.

Also when I got them sent to me I had to pay duty... No choice in the matter, they also made me pay the duty for motorcycle parts (60%) on all items I listed in the package because it was first on the list. Even though the other items should have been less or no duty. On the Thai Airways flight to Nepal you're handed the customs declaration form. I filled in the form correctly because I had two cameras (you're allowed one), and the motorbike parts also. But when I got off the flight and through immigration I tried to declare it all to customs but they were just not interested in looking at my luggage no matter how hard I tried. They were only interested in the large suitcases coming through, not my small bags. I saved any import fees there, but lost it all on the rip off taxi ride afterwards.

So yes, still don't have many photos from Kathmandu to show. Not much sight seeing going on. There's been a lot of drinking with a few people in the guesthouse but they've gone off to do the Everest base camp trek for the next few weeks. Might see them again over in Pokhara.

I also just found out it's going to take about 3 working days to get an Indian Visa so it looks like I have to hang around Kathmandu until Monday at least. I really don't want to come back here. While waiting for the visa I might take a few trips to the top of the hills surrounding Kathmandu to get better views of the Himalayas. I can only see one mountain with snow which might be Langtang, but it has only been visible through the smog/dust/clouds twice in a week.

So todays big task was to put the new chain and sprockets on my bike. It's parked at the guesthouse next door because this one doesn't have parking. They're all very friendly, but I'm still wary they'll ask for money because I parked there.

My bike in bits in Kathmandu. Last time I did this was in Cairns, 8 months and 16000km ago!
Old vs. new front sprocket. Hmm, not so bad really.

Slightly worse here, but different chain types.

Riveting a master link

520 (bottom) vs. 525 (top) chain. 525 is the new one. Looks like it's a lot stronger, and I've also gone for  different gearing with the sprockets because I don't need the top speed. Hopefully that will make it all last longer.

Riveted? Maybe? I'm not sure it's done right... Forgot how to use the tool!

This is the nifty chain tool. But looks like they don't make them anymore.

The other nifty tool I have with me. Got it from some forums here.

Chain tool lives here with a length of spare chain, puncture repair kit, carby jets, spare wire and a bit of saw blade. Note that I've only lost one bolt so far.
Now I'm hungry... More mo mos or thenduk? Don't mind if I do.


  1. Hey who knew you can swipe the blog to go through posts on the mobile?? I know, right!

    1. Like how? With the normal web browser thingy? I need to download the AOSP so I can get ICS on my phone. RTFM. STFU. TTYL. IANAL.