Friday, 16 March 2012

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Yesterday I walked down to the durbar square in Kathmandu here. I'm not sure of the correct name for it, because there are three, but I went to the main one. There's a 750r entrance fee but I just walked around the back of one of the temples to get into the area.

Poter carring goods.

Another one.

Part of the square. Not sure which temple/s it is/are, don't have the book in front of me!

The orange monk guy was stood there for at least an hour.

The most photographed part.


Removed face. Why!

A better angle, with skyrats in flight!

Another side.


Goat. This goat was just hangin out with the skyrats...


This was on the wall of the large white building. Which is what the ticket was for. I might go back and have a look in there later but I'd spent a lot yesterday and didn't wan't to spend another 750r.

Painted eye on nandi!

Another tower.


Some of the woodwork on the buildings. I guess it is replaced regularly.

Crouching bhudda.

More woodword.

A closed gate.



A quiet street. No really. This is quiet.

Not sure what else I'll stick around in Kathmandu to see. Not liking it so much and I keep getting ripped off. Also it's just constant horn noise and bells in the morning, but eerily quiet between midnight and 6am. But I'm still not sure where I'm going to go next. I think I'll head up the hill near here where you can get a full view of the Himalayas, but from there I don't know yet.

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