Sunday, 11 September 2011

Taman Negara

For the past three nights I've been at Taman Negara. Well, next to it in Kuala Tahan.

Here are lots of pics!

This is the entrance to Taman Negara across the river from Kuala Tahan. There is a resort on that side of the river too,

The floating restaraunts and souvenir shops. This was after a night of rain so some of them  are cut off.

The best sunset here.... It's still very very hazy here.

From the steps looking back to Kuala Tahan. You can ask at any of them to hire a boat to take you up river or back down the river to the next biggest town.
When I was across the river I headed for the Canopy walk. Supposed to be 530m of suspended walkways through the trees here.

Part of the path to the Canopy walk. 2km to go...

More jungle along the walk.

Some drops... and spines!

The walkway turns into this for a bit...

The canopy walk!

More of the canopy walk

A view of the.... Canopy!

There are platforms inbetween all the sections. This was looking out over the river from the first one. 

Looking down... this is supposed to be 45m in the air. I wasn't arguing with that.

Looking over the edge to another walkway.

More walkway!

Oh what? you put steps in the middle of one? That's not fair! This was the hardest part to get up because it kept moving all the time!

Long section, round a tree!

Looking down, half way along!

More walkway!

The last section! Then it was back to the ground, which felt like it was swaying a bit...

After the canopy walk there's a short path where you can turn up to to climb Bukit Teresek. It's only 344m high... But It was very very hot... And very steep.

Some of the climb to the top.

Some stairs were put in... They didn't really help. It's pretty much 800m of stairs once you get to this point.
This was the view from halfway up. As you can see, there's still a lot of haze around.
After I got to the halfway point I decided to head back down. I wouldn't see anything different from the top, and I was broken after all that walking/climbing in this heat. And I still had about 3km to get back to the river crossing.

I spent 3 nights there. I did all this on the first full day I was there. But, I also got a cold somewhere (again) and so on the second day I didn't do much of anything. I was still sore from the walking from the day before anyway :D

In summary, visit Taman Negara when it's not so hazy. There are animal hides in the park too which you can camp out at. I think the closest was a 5 hour walk though... Not while I'm sick. Or ever for that matter!

Now I'm in Cherating on the east coast. It looks like a nice beach, but again, it's still hazy everywhere. and it's seems a lot worse on this side of the country. I think it's down to 3km visibility according to some news source.

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