Sunday, 18 September 2011

Merang to Kota Bharu

I'm in Kota Bharu, the north-eastern state of peninsula Malaysia. All the guides mention how this is a very muslim state this is. The thing I noticed more is the cleanliness here, it's very different to other parts of Malaysia. There's also a lot of money over this side too, the main highway goes through the middle of heaps of oil and gas refineries, I guess that's the source.

So here are some pics!

Distant thunderstorm from last night

The room I was staying in, in Merang. The beach was 20m that way -->

Another beach photo. Possibly over edited. 
And now some photos from traveling north along the highway. I say north, but I ended up zigzagging all over the place.


Some slight off-sealed-roading to get here.

This is a state border crossing.

THIS CAR IS MORE AWESOME THAN YOURS. This is how most of them are done up here, but they're all based on very very slow protons.

Fishing boats.

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