Thursday, 1 September 2011

Some Kuala Lumpur Sights

Batu Caves

I remember seeing Batu Caves on the amazing race once. I hadn't planned on going there as someone else told me they were crap, it was just a name on the map otherwise. It wasn't until I saw a picture on wikipedia what I remembered what the place was.

272 stairs to the top! And that's the largest statue of Murugan in the world (42.7m)
And once you get inside, you can buy souvenirs! Handy......... I mean. you know, if you didn't buy any outside the cave, and you absolutely need that rabbit toy.

Looking down the rest of the cave. It's big.

From the last section looking back towards the entrance. Lots of little shrines everywhere.

A bit of the cave

Looking up.

Anyway. Caves are awesome. This one seemed to be spoilt with all the stuff they put in it. In and around it everywhere are shops selling the same crap they do everywhere else too. I wanted to go see the smaller caves while I was there but it's a guided tour and they were on holidays for Hari Raya Aidiladha.

I took public transport out to the caves because there is now a station right next to them. However, I wouldn't recommend it. Three trains just never arrived at the station on my way out there, no explanation, they just didn't turn up at those times. And on the way back the train just parked itself on the tracks for a good 20 minutes for some reason. When I got off the train I experienced the rush of people trying to get on while I was trying to get out. That's a worldwide problem of course, but it's a little more polite in Melbourne at least. There are ladies only carriages on the trains here also. Sure, good idea, but then everyone else is crammed into the other two carriages when that one is mostly empty.

The monorail also sucks, which is very odd because it's a monorail, but it does actually suck. It's crowded and expensive and slow. And for some unknown reason, they put the monorail a long walk away from the rest of the transport options in KL Sentral. I should use my bike more!

KL Tower

Or, Menara KL, is one of the tall things in this city along with the Petronas Towers. I'd been waiting for a clearish day before I went to either of the two observation platforms in the city. It costs RM45 (about $15AU) to go up, so I wanted to pick carefully! The KL tower platform is at 276m from the ground, but because it's built on a hill you see a view of the city slightly higher than that.

A view of the tower from the street infront of the hostel I'm staying in.

Kuala Lumpur...

More Kuala Lumpur. To the left of the photo is all the shopping areas, and near where I'm staying. The two brown towers joined together is part of the 13th largest shopping mall in the world. 12 floors of shopping mayhem!

Towards the Petronas Towers. Everyone was crowding this window. Looking at the one tall object from another tall object in the city, didn't quite get that.

Night time. More of that huge shopping mall.

Petronas towers all lit up.

From the bottom of the tower.

Now I have to figure out what to do with the rest of my time here! I still have to visit Low Yat Plaza for all my technology needs. I'm having issues with Compact flash adapters, the pins have bent in the last two I've had so maybe I'll get an adapter so I can use SD cards in my 350D. Or maybe I'll upgrade my 350D :D

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