Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Oh right, Bukit' means Hill!

Some more pics from around Melaka.

Jonker street/walk/thing
Not sure what this was used for before. Needs some paint.

I'm told that this is the holiday house for the staff of a billionaire from Singapore.

Bukit Cina
A monument for the Chinese soldiers in WW2 at the base of the hill.

This style of grave is everywhere. I saw some like this on the way  up from Johor too.

Another large grave

The graves keep on going and going over the next hill

The stairs on the way up/down with a model of the Dutch Square

View from the top towards Jonker street/walk/thing and the Straight of Melaka
Another pic from the top

A stall was selling these at the bottom. Hehe, Rectum. Oh, and bottom!

The rain started, didn't bother this guy!

Also on each edge of the road there are 50cm deep drains...  That's a lot of water out there. It was all gone by lunch time.

Dragon on the front of a Chinese temple

Sun from inside the Hostel


My breakfast friend!
Bonus Wallpaper Pic
Took a whole bunch like this, currently set as my desktop background!
Tomorrow it's off to Port Dickson/Si Rusa for two nights, then into Kuala Lumpur for a week (or more, on advice from others)


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  2. Another malay words you need to know.. Palau means Island. Besar means big and kecil mean small. You should visit Palau Rendang or Palau Perhentian on the east coast if you have the chance. In Palau Rendang, there are so many tropical fishes at the beach that you are basically jumping into them. There are baby sharks (harmless reef sharks) there that you can feed them with watermelon. LOL!! You can snorkle too. Perhentian is nice but tends to gear towards scuba diving. If you wanna learn scuba diving.. you can get your PADI certification there.

    See the picture..
    Rendang Island : http://www.tropicalbeachgetaways.com/south-east-asia/malaysia/redang/

    If you need to chill out from all the tropical heat, you can go to Genting Highlands (near KL) or Cameron Highlands. Genting has a big casino and amusement park. Personally I prefer Cameron Highlands. There is a strawberry farm there as well but no sure if it is in season.