Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Muar to Melaka

Just some photos from yesterday on my way from Muar to Melaka. I tried to go via Gunung Ledang park but now I realise I didn't find the right entrance. I was on the wrong side of the mountain! At least I got away from the masses of people temporarily.

Not sure what the name of this place is, it's within the Gunung Ledang park though (not the bit I wanted to be in )

Yesterday afternoon, with my 15RM beer!

My bike has friends!

Some art shop near the famous bit of chinatown.

I'm not sure... Umm...
And some video of trying to find Gunung Ledang!

Edit: Finally finished uploading this one too:


  1. Melaka has delicious chicken rice balls!!! Nowhere else has it.. so you must try before you leave. There are a few stalls in the same area - Jonker Street.

    A few links I googled... now I'm hungry!

  2. I went to the first one you linked there. And it suckkkeeedddd :P

    Nothing like Maxwell road. The rice at F was just rice, and the chilli sucked!

  3. LOL!! Did you go to the one with the most customers? I can't remember which one did I go to. My friend who is a local brought me there and the chicken rice ball was yum!! But then again, once when you taste the best... nothing beats Singaporean food! Any Malaysians here... :P