Tuesday, 16 August 2011

3 Nights in Muar

The past three nights I was in Muar. Not much there, and I've had a cold so I didn't care really. There's food, and a few things to look at, but not much else. It was a step up from Johor and some of the other villages I've passed through, but still nothing special!

I stayed in the Riverview Hotel for the 3 nights at 75RM a night because I was still sick, and it was the easiest to find after trying a couple of other places there. All this motorbike gear makes finding accommodation a hassle. It was decent, roughly equal (or better) to that of a $75/night room in Australia.

The language barrier seemed to be a bigger problem here, a lot of people speak English, and if they don't they will call over someone who can. I learnt some Malay words but haven't really needed it. There is also a big Chinese population in this town too so in a lot of the hawker centers they have their menus in their own language. It's not fair throwing that into the mix too, I'm struggling with Malay (and English)! If it's too hard there's always Pizza Hut and KFC in most places.

I've been drinking drinks with ice in it, and eating at places where rats were present (oddly enough, that was the tastiest place!) and so far I'm still fine!

I left Muar this morning and have moved up to Melaka to stay in a backpackers for 175RM for a week (this one). That's crazy cheap! Roughly $8AU a night. Shared bathroom, and a fan in the room is all, but still!

Some photos of Muar then:

Alley. A lady came out of one of the houses after I took the photo and told me a lot of people take photos of this alley. I thought I was being original!

Tanjung Emas park

Not really sure why this is here. Seemed to be more of a Banana or palm oil growing location.

Smelly waterway in Tanjung Emas

Fountain in Tanjung Emas

One of the main roads in/out of Muar

Driveway is a little damp.


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