Thursday, 30 June 2011

So it has been a while...

Been here at my brothers place for 12 days now. Going to make it 13, then I have to leave to stick to my schedule. Just as it starts raining a bit.

I have done a lot with the bike though. It takes a long time to do anything however because it's 30 minutes away from Coffs Harbour (larger hardware/electrical shops). So if you find you're missing one part, that's an hour round trip at least, and there is usually several reasons to go so it takes half a day out. And my bike will be out of action so someone else has to take me.

What's been accomplished:

  • Installed battery charging indicator led
  • Wired in a switch on the headlight to comply with Cambodian laws
  • Changed running lights to LEDs to save a few watts (and then rewired some lights as the polarity is backwards)
  • Correctly torqued all bolts
  • Removed rounded upper suspension bolt (3 day task...)
  • Repacked spares/tools
  • Full service of bike
So... somewhat better. There's a couple of things left to do tomorrow before setting off on Saturday (suspension preload, wire power into pelican cases).

On the admin side I've set up a computer to remotely back up to while I'm away. I've booked several campsites up the Queensland coast, and planned some extra time in Darwin to look at Kakadu. And then I've repacked my luggage to gain some extra space.

I've also finally applied for and paid for travel insurance. I've gone the super gold mega cover from ihi bupa. I couldn't find any one else who would cover me for travel in areas where smart traveller says do not travel (that's the Thai/Malay boarder and several other places I'm going through). As a bonus if I want to take up heli skiing (where I do not exit the helicopter while it is hovering) then I'm covered!

I've also finally forgotten what work was like. Thanks Rum!

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