Friday, 17 June 2011

I've departed! (finally)

I left Melbourne yesterday morning after delaying my departure by a day to rethink my packing. I'm now at the end of day two and 858km into the trip. This means I am well ahead of schedule, and also quite far over the  budget. In the end it will average out, it's just an expensive and tiring way to start.

Here's proof the bike went to the dish:

I haven't been camping with my new gear yet as sunset just creeps up too quickly in Winter. Once I slow my pace down and get to a place where sunsets are at a 'normal' time I'll be camping a lot more. And of course once I get to those normal sunset places it will be much warmer.

The Corbin Sargent seat I put on my bike after my last trip is far better than the stock DR seat. I can sit on the bike for much longer now without needing a break, which is good because there hasn't been much of anything for a hundred kilometers at a time:

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