Tuesday, 11 September 2012


My first stop in Bulgaria is in Plovdiv. This is one of the oldest cities in the world with traces of settlement back to 4000BC! Of the touristy attractions are some Roman ruins and old Bulgarian houses to look through, which are mostly art galleries now.

I'm staying at Chealsea B&B which is near the main post office square on the main road. First place I tried and the rooms where cheaper than the prices I had seen online (40leva here vs. 50leva everywhere else). I had only intended to stay here two nights to explore the town but I'm liking the fact that I can go down to the shops and buy salami and cheese (maybe some reindeer salami) for ridiculously cheap prices, and that I can acquire good beer. So now I'm going in to my fourth night here... But after that I really have to get moving again, possibly through Serbia as that's the most direct route, that would mean skipping Romania but I only wanted to ride over this famous road.

Anyway, to Plovdiv sights...

The menu from the closest place to the hotel... SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW.

Roman ruins near the post office square. This is part of the Roman odeon, next to it is the large square and the forum. They are still working to excavate a lot of it but there is a large road running through the middle of it now.

Roman stadium under the main street.

From inside the stadium. This is only the northern section and it extents 240meters further down the road but is under new buildings.
The Roman theatre.
The theatre built into the side of a hill and was only found in the 70s after a landslide. They use the theatre for ballets and operas now, the day I was looking around they were rehearsing a ballet.

Part of the stage.

A wider view of the stage. All the dancers are down one end of the stage and they were all looking over towards me for a while, took me a long time to figure out what they were actually looking at.
It was this guy!

Another view.
Bulgarian graffiti

One of the houses you can go though, This was a Dr's house if I remember correctly, but it is now an art gallery.

Another art gallery house.
I didn't get photos from the inside because you're not allowed to...


An old road, and some old buildings, and cars...

Another of the house galleries.

The center of Plovdiv running through the hills.
Remains of the first settlement on Nebet Tepe, one of the seven hills in the town.
Now I think it's time to acquire more beer, salami and cheese from the shops...

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