Monday, 20 August 2012

The numbers so far

Thanks to Google Fusion Tables, this is where I've been:

Once you zoom in the dots turn into paths with stupid amounts of detail.

If it was easier and cheaper I could have joined South East Asia through China to Nepal, and then join India to Iran via Pakistan. Now it just looks like large gaps...

And for other numbers:

432 days travelling through 12 countries, but completed 17 border crossings. 184 days on the bike, and I have travelled 28842km so far.

$28,733 in total, but my actual costs higher because of exchange rate losses and interest. And I don't think that number has the first shipment or travel insurance in it.

But it's still pretty close to $1 = 1km.

I've used 1834.72L of fuel at a cost of $2,250. The cheapest and most expensive fuel was next to the Iran/Turkey border at 38c/L to $2.40/L on either side of it.

I've spent $6,584 on accommodation. Some of that number includes food and laundry because they don't like to separate out the costs the further west you go.

I've spent $6,034 on food and drink.

With both the food and accommodation numbers you could do a lot better than I have. I don't think I've really been roughing it at all during this trip. However the Eurozone is approaching and I think I'll need to try stealth camping for a while to save money, there's not a huge amount left!

I'm spending only slightly over what it would cost for me to live in Melbourne. I could have stayed there and been unemployed all this time! Or bought a car to replace the written off one instead of a motorbike. Or maybe put a deposit on a house, but I don't think I have enough for that. I think I picked a better way to throw away money!

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