Saturday, 21 July 2012

Maintaining Radio Slience

Heading to Iran on the ferry tonight. I believe all google services, facebook and twitter are blocked, and where there is internet access to get around the blocks it's too slow to use. So I may be even quieter than I have been for the next 24 days (visa expires then).

Here are some photos left over from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah...


Birthday Beer!

Resort at Sharjah.

The view from the room.

You can get Baycon here!

The different coloured mercedes for each day of the week at the Emirates Auto Museum

Yas Tunnel

The highway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai looks like this.



Closest I got to a cake.

Retiring the tyres I've had since Australia.

2xwheeler in Dubai Motor City where I found long life offroad tyres!

More of the BMWfest

Poor bikes got no wheels.

Noted. not leaving any child under 8 alone.

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