Thursday, 19 April 2012

Some Pokhara Sights

Yesterday I felt well enough that I could get one the bike and have a look around some of the sights around Pokhara.

This is the view from the guesthouse. On he left is Annapurna II I think, the middle mountain in the foreground is Sangrakot and on the left is the Fish tail.
On the left of the above Photo is Annapurna II (I think) about 8000m high. The middle mountain has a town called Sangrakot and is a lot closer is 1595m high. And the one of the right is the fish tail, which is again around 8000m high. It's amazing that they're 20-30km away and so tall that I still have to look up to see them from here!

So seeing it was find weather this morning I decided to heat up to Sangrakot to get a better view of the mountains. However, by the time I had got up there...
The clouds had rolled in...
There's been clouds every day, they seem to appear about 10am. Maybe I should try get up there earlier. Sunrise is the time to be there, but that sounds hard.

Panorama looking south from the top. Pokhara and the lake are on the left, up the valley is the campground I was at.

Para-gliders overhead.

Next I headed back down the mountain to Devi Falls...

And this is them.

The disappear into the ground here.

The falls disappear, and then you have to go across the road to the cave entrance, which goes down some steps under the road and almost back to this point!

The caves are very wet of course, and very smelly. During the monsoon seasons it's not possible to go in because it fills up with water. There's a small temple at the start of the cave where you are not allowed to take photos, after this point you are allowed to though.

Rock stacks!

The falls entering the cave!
I'm not sure where the water goes from here, I think it keeps going underneath this cave somewhere.

More lit up.

Another view.
It was very difficult to get a photo in there. It was dark of course so I sat my camera on my bag and tried to get a longer exposure. But there were lots of big family groups walking past, I have heaps of 10 second exposures with someone looking back into the camera for half of it, or just walking past. A lot were ruined by other peoples flashes going off too. I think I spent about half and hour there just waiting for a gap between all the people moving through so I could get some photos.

The walkway back out.

All the little bugs and moss collecting around the light.

And then that was all I looked at, time to go back to the hotel and find my toilet again (it's not disease anymore, but it's still rather uncomfortable...).

Pokhara lakeside just after sunset.
I'm contemplating heading up to Jomsom tomorrow. It's 160km of bumpy rocky roads cut into the side of mountains... 

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