Thursday, 1 December 2011

Nang Rong

Today I'm in Nang Rong. Not much too the town, very very few tourists, but it's close to Phanom Rung so there's a few guesthouses around. This is also the place where the resort/resturant Cabbages and Condoms is, their website explains in detail what they do for the poorer people in Thailand. However, I'm staying at Honey Inn because it's in town and I was meeting up with Miguel and InĂ©s (they were on the tour in Khao Yai) who were arriving by bus.

So now I have lots of pictures of more ruins to upload!

Phanom Rung Historical Park

This is the main thing to see here. It's a Hindu shine for the god Shiva built in the 10th/11th century on the top of an extinct volcano. The crater was filled in and then this temple built on top. 

Of course, there are step, steep big steps.

The main path to the temple.

Inside the main walls.

Some older brickwork. I suspect everything else has been restored.

More of the shrine.

Top of the main building.

Some of the carvings over the doors. They all depict various Hindu stories.

The outside!

More outside!

Singa, looking out over the land.

This is where (the?) Singa is looking.

Looking back through the temple from one wall, through the middle building and out the other wall.

Some of the brick carvings.

Not sure who this is.

This is right in the middle of the main building. 


Some more ruins.

The five headed snake thing, most likely restored from the original.

An original, maybe.

The stacks of rocks, there are a lot of these around.

Prasat Hin Meuang Tam

Off the mountain is Meuang Tam, which I think translated to 'lower city', but this was not its original name. It looks like less effort has gone into restoring this one.

The inner part of the temple. There is a wall surrounding it all, but I forget the name they actually used for it.

This was from the wall looking in to the center.

There are some ponds around this temple. And this had something to do with why it was there, but I forget now and I'm too lazy to look it up :)

Two out of the five heads left on this snake.

Looking at the back of the main building, a lot of it is missing now.

Most of this temple was sandstone blocks, which would have been covered with bricks, and then... Something else which I forgot. 

The inner area.

The Library on the left, mostly gone now.

The four main... Things.

Back towards the entrance.

I think this is more of a buddist thing, but this was outside of the temple.
And that's all for Nang Rong. Tomorrow I'm heading north to Khon Kaen via Phimai to visit some more old stuff. And then I'll stop for a while and not upload photos :)

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