Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Some things to look at in the meantime

Here are a few sites for some others that have done this sort of long overseas trip with their own vehicle:

http://www.thepostman.org.uk/ - Probably originally why I got this crazy idea, he took a postie bike along vaguely the same route. He was posting updates on Advrider along the way, the thread is a very long read.

http://www.sibirskyextreme.com/ - Posts regularly on Advrider and Horizons Unlimited. Check out the photo section, especially the Central Asia (East) photos!

http://melbournetolondon.com/ - Father and Son travelling from Melbourne to London in a 4WD. They spent the money and went through China (something I'm not willing to do! (the money i mean, otherwise no problem)).

From what I understand it's fairly rare to see people going in this direction, a lot of the info I can see is from people coming from the UK to Australia. Doing it that way makes the visa hassles a LOT easier (more on that later).

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